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Seriously Useful Writing Guides

If you are a Writer as well as a Reader then see below for some invaluable guides to helping you get published.

Action / Adventure / Spy

Action is the keyword here! Just the fillip you need when you spend your working day behind a desk. With our online book review and free opening extract you’ll have all the information you need to choose the next action adventure you want to escape into.

Biography / Autobiography

Other people’s lives are always fascinating, whether it’s Jordan’s latest autobiography, or the story of sporting heroes like Wayne Rooney or Lewis Hamilton, or the lives of our great soldiers like General Sir Peter de La Billiere.

Business Books

Money, the economy, house prices, savings, how to set up, run and expand your own business. These are big and pressing areas of interest in today’s world.

Children's Books

Reading is fundamental to the development of children and there is abundant research showing the links between good reading skills from an early age and future success in life.

Crime / Whodunit

Crime fiction is in the middle of a golden age with the creations of PD James, Ruth Rendell or Ian Rankin, to name just a few, dominating the bestseller lists.

Family Drama

Much of the greatest literature concerns itself with family dramas, from Madame Bovary to Anna Karenina, and realistic depictions of the ups and downs of family life continue to fascinate.

Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is booming from James MacDonald Fraser’s Flashman novels, to Patrick O’Brian’s naval series, or the Brother Caedfel mysteries set in the Middle Ages.

Horror / Fantasy / SciFi

Whether it’s blood-curdling tales of horror or mind-stretching adventures at the edges of the universe, Lovewriting welcomes new authors who are prepared to share their adventures in time, space and beyond with our eager readers.

Literary / Contemporary

This is the category for writers with serious literary ambition, aspiring to be the new Zadie Smith or Martin Amis.

Mystery / Thriller

 “I love to lose myself in a mystery” said the 17th century writer Sir Thomas Browne, and he’s in good company.

Provocative Prose

Books that are great in bed!

Since the success of Frenchwoman Catherine Millet’s The Sexual Life of Catherine M (2001) interest in sexually explicit fiction has certainly been aroused.

Relationship Tales

All the best stories, from Adam and Eve onwards, are about relationships, and one of the great pleasures of reading is to witness fictional characters live out the stormy, passionate, intense and dangerous relationships which we fantasise about experiencing but which we are, of course, too sensible and grown-up ever to indulge in ourselves.

Self Help Books

Modern life is so complex and confusing that most of us need help with at least some aspect of our lives.

The Real World

This genre encompasses new and interesting non-fiction titles in the areas of  Popular Science, Politics, History, Religion, Philosophy – and many others.


it's never been easier or cheaper to travel the world.

Poetry and Drama

As Carol Ann Duffy says in her introduction to The Barefoot Book of Classic Poems : ‘The best of poetry is memorable, as prayers are, and in this wonderful selection of classic poems both young and older readers will find something that will stay with them, or has stayed with them, all of their lives’.