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Frequently Asked Questions


Self-Publishing with Matador

Who are Matador?

The Matador imprint was established in 2000 in response to the increasing number of authors wishing to publish their own books. Part of Troubador Publishing Ltd, Matador offers authors a wide range of services aimed at publishing, marketing and distributing books to a high standard.

There are lots of companies who will offer to “Publish your book and make it available worldwide”, but producing a book and giving it an ISBN number (all that is needed to theoretically make it available worldwide) is relatively easy. Few will actually be choosy about what they publish, concentrate hard on proper design and production, and then actually get out there and sell your book.

Matador has deliberately established itself at the quality end of the self publishing market, quality of content, design, production and distribution. Most authors who publish with Matador are serious about their self publishing, wanting either a high quality book or a real chance at getting their work widely distributed and read.

The company also undertakes work for other publishers, and is a member of the Independent Publishers Guild. Matador has also been recommended in the 2008 Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook the ‘Bible’ of authors – as a reputable and reliable self-publishing company, the first time the Yearbook has recommended any such company.

What is self-publishing?

Self-publishing is a fast-growing new way for authors to see their books in print. Authors keep control of their book, retaining all publishing rights, and deciding on how their book is produced, distributed, marketed and sold.

Why should I consider self-publishing?

The process is flexible and you retain control. Matador undertakes as much or as little of the publishing process as the author chooses. From editing to design, from typesetting to printing, through to marketing and distribution; a full service, or just those parts that a self-publisher may need help with, the choice is yours.

Details of Matador’s self-publishing process are given in detail on the Matador website. You can also view their current books, read extracts from many of them, and meet many of their authors.

What about marketing my book?

Marketing and publicity is that part of publishing a book that many authors overlook; perhaps they are daunted by the prospect of “selling” their book, or perhaps they simply don’t know how. The books trade undoubtedly has complex distribution and sales systems which can appear to be impenetrable from the outside. Yet if you’re serious about getting your book onto the shelves and selling more than a few copies, it’s this part of the process that should demand your attention, even before the book has been printed.

Marketing is so important that Matador has devoted a completely separate section of their website to it. Details of the services they offer to authors are given, and there’s news of Matador self-published titles in the media. For authors who do sign up with Matador, they also offer a password-protected section that gives information on marketing, self-promotion, prizes, where to find information on bookshops, and much more.

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