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Perdition's Daughters A Dan Temple AdventurePerdition's Daughters A Dan Temple Adventure

Darren Rodell

  • Mystery/Thriller

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Why I wrote this book

Quite simply, I wrote Perdition’s Daughters as a follow up to my first novel, Kabul Gold. Kabul Gold received pretty good reviews and a number of people have been asking ‘When will the next Dane Temple Adventure be out?’ … Well, here it is. Perdition’s Daughters is based real life, topical events interwoven with fictions. The book is darker and grittier than Kabul Gold and in places, maybe a little harrowing, but also hopefully thought provoking.

When asked which authors he compares himself too Darren answered "I wouldn’t compare myself to other authors necessarily. I am inspired by Lee Child, his personal story and style of writing. I also enjoy Wilbur Smith and Clive Cussler, amongst others."


Daniel Temple is a retired SAS officer and the silent partner in Mead Associates, a security advisory service established with his old CO and friend Richard Mead. All he wants is a normal life - but, unbeknown to Daniel, Richard has been engaged in some shady dealings with the Russian mafia, which lead to the abduction of his daughters, Elizabeth and Jennifer. Taken to Russia, the girls are plunged into the dark and sordid world of human trafficking and sexual slavery, pawns in a power struggle between Bosnian war criminal Zoran Durakovic and Russian Mafia boss, Sergei Kozlov. In desperation, Richard Mead turns to Daniel Temple, the only man he trusts to find his daughters and bring them home alive. Armed with only his skills, training, ice-cold nerve and a rudimentary plan, Daniel tracks down the girls and goes in alone to the Bosnian stronghold of Durakovic. He is presented with a deal he cannot refuse - assassinate Sergei Kozlov and rescue the girls and Richard Mead's debt will be considered paid in full. Daniel wins favour with the evil Sergei Kozlov, becoming a hired gun in the escalating mafia power struggle. Infiltrating the heart of the organisation, Daniel cleverly begins to turn the tables, pitting Kozlov against Durakovic. But before he can implement the final part of his plan, Daniel meets a new member of Kozlov's team, Karl Mertz, ex-German special forces and someone he recognises. Knowing his cover is blown, Daniel starts a desperate race against time. Freeing Elizabeth and Jennifer, they flee on foot through the freezing Russian winter. Evading capture, Daniel leads the girls safety. But this time, Kozlov is one step ahead and Daniel is forced to abandon their escape route. Cornered, injured and unarmed in the frozen Russian wilderness, he prepares to make his final stand...


Source "fantastic, well written novel that will envelop you in the pages. I could not put this book down and cannot wait until the next book! If you enjoy action novels with substance, Lee Child, Robert Crais or similar authors, Darren Rodell's Dan Temple and Kabul Gold is for you"

Source "Loved this book. There aren't many which for me are real page-turners, but this is one. Fast-paced and thrilling. The character of Dan Temple is one which I hope we can follow into other books. Highly recommended."

Source “Kabul Gold - a precious metal of a first novel. This is Darren Rodell’s first novel and introduces the credible and likeable hero, Daniel Temple, an ex-SAS captain who is forced out of a short retirement to seek and destroy an evil empire and its leader. If you enjoy fast-paced, action and adventure stories then I can strongly recommend this book. I managed to get through it in two sittings which speaks volumes for its storyline and the need to find out 'what happens next'. I hope this book does well and look forward to the next Dan Temple adventure."

About the Author

Darren Rodell

Born in Winchester in 1965. Married to Tracy, we have two daughters, Emma and Hannah.

Living in Dorset, I work as an IT consultant and author. I have written my first two novels, Kabul Gold and Perditions Daughters.

When I see my work published and selling, I will have ended one journey, and started another.

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544 pages


Darren Rodell


Matador an imprint of Troubador Publishing

Publication date

1st February 2013

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