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Will Goddard

  • Action/Adventure/Spy
  • Children's

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Why I wrote this book

I started the book by writing a chapter for homework. My family all said it was really good and wanted to know what happened next, so I carried on from there and eventually it turned into a book.

I also want as many people to read the book as possible so when you click the 'Download Extract' button you will actually get the whole book which you can read online or print off FREE! I hope you enjoy it.

My favourite authors are J.K. Rowling and Joe Craig.  

I have my own website at

The inspiration for this story came from two paragraphs taken from a practice exam paper that Will saw. They were written by John Herbert Head of English & Head of Teaching and Learning at Christ's Hospital School.

I have my own website at


The charismatic new leader of Britain, Gavin King has been elected on a ticket to clean up the country and give money back to the people. But soon the new regime is executing all criminals and throwing any protestors in jail yet still the streets are full of cheering supporters. James' parents, are investigative journalists and they know something is up, but then they are thrown in jail and it is up to James to find out what is going on.


A message from Author Joe Craig

Hi Will,
I know it's been a long time since you sent me your story, but I finally had the  chance to sit down and read it today. It's really impressive! Well done. It's not  easy to write a story that keeps the reader's interest over that many pages, but you managed to develop the plot very well. I was totally absorbed all the way through! The fact that you've been to the places you write about really adds  something to your writing, so I think if you didn't want to write gripping mysteries you could try travel journalism as an alternative! Either way, you  should definitely keep writing. The more you read and the more you write, the  better you'll get, and the more confidence you'll have at exploring every detail of your story so you can really bring it to life even more.
When you're a bit older you should read some of the books by Robert Ludlum, because your style reminded me a bit of him. That's a good thing - at one point  a few years ago he was the biggest selling novelist in the world!
The ideas you used are really excellent - especially the video hidden by the  character's father in his mobile phone along with the addresses. I liked that a lot. 

So well done on such an amazing achievement. But don't rest on your laurels!  Build up a collection of stories over the next few years and they'll get better and better. Then you can even go back to this story and keep working on it.

You can deepen the emotion of the main character, polish some of the dialogue, and even develop the plot further if you wanted to turn it into a proper novel - a short one, at least.
Well done - and keep writing!

About the Author

Will Goddard

Will Goddard is nearly 11 years old. He was born on Valentine’s Day 1998, some 17 weeks premature gaining him a Guinness Certificate for being Britain’s earliest surviving baby. Having battled through his first difficult years he showed an early love of reading, a skill he developed by reading the subtitles on television programmes. He has travelled a lot and particularly loves Asia.

He has his own website at


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Will Goddard



Publication date

1st January 2009